Irish Cob Society Nederland

Offsping of:

The Midget 0611153
(STALLION) 1 January 1998, Basis,
Sire Grand Son of Eddies Old Horse N.R.   STALLION
Dam Daughter of the Old Horse of Wales N.R.   MARE
Litter 1
SD Sweeper Mare -GCS   MARE
  1. SD Simply The Best 201610568   MARE
Litter 2
Belfie 0201330   MARE Born:1 January 1991
  1. Tossy Go-Go STER, PREFERENT en Beste Vijfjar   STALLION Born:1 January 2002
Litter 3
The Old Brown Mare 0810865   MARE
  1. The Horse Valleys Miles 0810866 STER    GELDING Born:1 July 2005
Litter 4
The Palomino Chocolat Mare N.R.   MARE
  1. Welsh Warrior 0910178 1e Premie    STALLION Born:1 January 2006
Litter 5
Dolly-Ann van Stoeterij De Ierse Tinker 2e Premie    MARE Born:1 January 2004
  1. J-Lo van Stoeterij de Ierse Tinker 0710794 1e Vpremie    MARE Born:26 March 2007
Litter 6
Samsons Daughter van Stoeterij de Ierse Tinker 0611167 1e Premie    MARE Born:1 January 2003
  1. Lyla van Stoeterij de Ierse Tinker 0710795 1e Vpremie    MARE Born:17 May 2007
Litter 7
Banjos Girl -GCS-   MARE
  1. Gentle Mist 201110021   MARE Born:1 January 2009
Litter 8
Chief Daughter   MARE
  1. WF Princess 201610440   MARE Born:1 January 2011